ERP Services

We provide implementation and development services on Odoo ERP system. 

Our implementation process:

01Business Review
This step begins during our sales process. We speak with you and your users about their requirements and how they currently perform their duties. We identify the current processes and document them. This provides us with an understanding of your business environment and helps us speak your language.

ERP system

02Project Planning
Gap Analysis
Helps us to cover the functional gap.
Project Planning
-We work with your team to identify the discrete tasks, responsibilities and timelines for your project.
-Establish proper system policies for maintaining and backing-up data.
-Executing tasks as per the Implementation Plan in conjunction with the Project Team.
-Creation of required custom reports.

03Reengineering, Installation, Team training, Conference room pilot testing
Customizing, installing and/or upgrading modules and copy it to a test database for use in the pilot testing phase of the project.
-Our training approach focuses on developing user comfort with the applications they will be using.
-When you go live, we want your users to know their part of the system and feel comfortable with it.
(i) Project Team Training:
-The assigned project lead(s) and project team members will be provided top-level training on the entire system to provide an overview of the modules and how they are set up.
(ii) End-User Training:
The following are some examples of key areas that will be addressed during training

During the go-live period we ensure that all requirements have been covered to ensure a smooth transition onto the new business system. It is at this time that all tasks on the project plan have been complete, all users trained, all processes re-engineered, and the final data migration/conversion is performed.

05Post Implementation Review and Continuous Improvement
A plan for on-going improvement will be discussed and project planning for additional phases of your implementation may be scheduled.

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